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Legislature Terminates the Board of Equalization

A potential sweeping change was made to California tax law and policy when the legislature passed AB 102, the Taxpayer Transparency and Fairness Act of 2017.  This act divests the Board of Equalization of several key functions and creates two new government tax agencies--the Department of Tax and Fee Administration an the Office of Tax Appeals.  

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The Increased Price of Gas: The Gas Tax

By Joseph Zimmerl:  Anyone who drives in California knows that gas here is expensive. If you have ever driven to Oregon, Nevada or Arizona you may have also noticed that gas there is much cheaper. In fact, the price of gas in California is 60¢ higher than the national average of $2.40.  As of April 17, 2017, Californians pay on average $3.00 per gallon. The only other state where gas is more expensive is Hawaii, where the average per gallon price is $3.06. 

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California To Revive Its Estate Tax?

Written by Joseph Zimmerl:  With the election of President Trump comes discussion of the repeal of the Federal estate tax.

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What You Didn't Know About Dr. King and Taxes

Today, as we commemorate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., it might be helpful to take a trip down memory lane.  In particular, as a tax attorney I think it’s important to point out that Dr. King’s legacy also intersects with some interesting tax law questions.  In fact, Dr. King was issued an arrest warrant in 1960 on the charges of state tax evasion and fraud.  He was accused of falsifying his Alabama income tax returns for the years 1956 and 1958 and at that had been the only person charged by Alabama for violation of its tax perjury statute. 

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