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How to Revive Your Suspended Business Without Paying Back Taxes

For any business owner with tax problems, one of the most devastating things the government can do is to suspend the business entity's privileges.

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Hillary Clinton Releases Eight Years Worth of Tax Returns

On Friday, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton released eight years worth of her personal income tax returns--a practice which has now become the norm for any presidential candidate.  Upon releasing the returns her campaing also released a statement which emphasized that she came into wealth later in life.  "We've come a long way from my days going door-to-door for the Children's Defense Fund and earning $16,450 as a young law professor in Arkansas — and we owe it to the opportunities America provides," she said.

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California "Waiting Time" Penalties NOT Classified as Wages for Payroll Tax Purposes

Anytime there is a judgment, award of damages, or settlement that involves the transfer of funds a careful analysis should be undertaken to determine the appropriate taxability and reporting related to the transfer.  Typically, during settlement negotiations, both parties will willingly attempt to allocate and classify a portion of the settlement proceeds as a class of payment that would not be subject to income or employment taxes.  For exam

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L.A. Times Reports Support for Gutting Prop 13 is Waning

As I have mentioned before, the summer of 2016 will be a big year for CA ballot initiatives.  First, CA voters will likely be asked if they want to extend the tax increases of Prop 30.  Second, it appears likely that public-sector employee unions will push hard to make some changes to Prop 13.  In particular, they will likely propose what is known as a dual or split roll for property taxes, where residential and farm properties are still protected under Prop 13, but commercial properties are removed from these protections and subject to annual property increases based on current values. 

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