California Employment Changes -- The Year in Review

HR professionals in California have a difficult job!!!  We hope to make your lives easier. 

Our office creates customized Employee Handbooks.  We recognized, however, that the Handbooks are outdated almost as soon as they are printed.  Thus, one of the real values in an Employee Handbook is a regular review of policies with legal changes.  We conduct this review annually. 

The photo is of all of the legal authorities -- legislative enactments, judicial opinions, and regulatory changes -- from 2017 that will affect how California employers manage the workplace.  We review all of these legal authorities and update handbooks each year.  In addition, we provide three hours of training to employer on the impact of these legal authorities on the workplace. 

When he dropped off the binder in my office, my clerk said, "There's enough here for three hours!"  Actually, it is impossible to discuss everything within three hours.  So we provide clients with a summary of all of these legal authorities to review back at the office. 

Our Year in Review training courses will be held on December 18th and 19th from 9 am to noon.