Do The Math -- It's Obvious Why Wage Lawsuits Are Filed

On April 18, 2015 the Fresno Bee reported that "Ruan driver lawsuit settled for $10.5m."  A class action lawsuit had been filed alleging that 1,145 drivers were not given unfettered meal periods.  The drivers took their meal periods while their trucks were in line at a creamery to offload their tankers.  The drivers could not go far, however, in the event they were called on to move their trucks. 

The drivers' lawyer is quoted as saying, "I'm not saying they didn't take lunch."  So what's the beef?  They could have been called to move their truck during their meal period.  Thus, the drivers were not completely free. 

What is this worth to the drivers?  According to their lawyer more than $5,000 for each driver.  This is where the math comes in handy.  $5,000 x 1,145 employees equals $5,725,000.  But the settlement is for $10,500,000.  Where does the $4,775,000 go?  Probably into the pockets of the attorneys.  The case has been active since 2008.  But still?  Nearly $5 million? 

No wonder these cases are filed  Just do the math!